My top 3 Beauty Youtubers || plus discount codes! 

I love beauty tutorials on YouTube! 

I’ve been told many times to start a YouTube for my makeup etc but truth is I’m way to insecure yet for all that exposure! But I do gain confidence through watching other Youtubers! 

My number 1 go to for all things beauty is Holly Boon <——– click to see her latest makeup tutorial. 

I doubt Holly will actually read this but truthfully I disliked her at first but always watched her makeup videos! I watched her from the beginning when she used to film in her room and now her videos are sooooo extra and slay worthy! I love them. I grew to like her more by adding her on snapchat where I got to see her personality a bit more so Holly you have a ‘fan’ for life here LOL. Her YouTube style is very extra and slay ready, very boujee and fancy what I love! 

My 2nd go to for all things beauty and life is Imogenation <——- click here to see her video on broken friendships.

I first saw Imogen in Holly Boons Vlog! The chemistry and genuine vibe I got from these too makes watching them even better huns. She is a bubbly character like myself and I think she’s soooo relatable which sometimes you don’t see with all these well established beauty gurus! REAL RECOGNISE REAL! Her YouTube style is very edgy and out there, down to earth about life and makeup and keeps it real.

My 3rd go to is LoveLaughandMakeup or now ItsSabrina <—— check out her latest makeup hates video! 

I was literally obsessed with her beauty hauls and makeup tutorials! My makeup style is so so similar to hers and our personalities which is why I loved her even more! Her Primark hauls 👀 girl idc Primark is a look 😂 and I will gladly spend my money in there. Her YouTube style is very down to earth everyday makeup or ready to slay makeup. 
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Stay beautiful.

A x


VIBE || On Wednesdays we wear pink!

Just another grim day in the UK, what’s supposed to be summer is more of a tropical storm with subtle shades of grey in the sky.

Nothing worse when you’re mood is bad and so is the weather! 

In other news have you ever felt or had one of those days, weeks where everything and anything you do is going wrong? Literally any plan you make isn’t going to plan and before you know it emotions are in the air and you feel really down. 

I’m having one of those days for real for real and I just can’t seem to snap out of it! All I wanted to do was go get my nails done and meet my friend but life had other plans and wants to ruin mine! Ugh. 

Leave a comment for any positive ideas to make the day better! 

A x 

Happy Sunday || How to create sunshine in a storm

So it’s Happy Sunday, but am I happy? Hmm. I’ve had one of those weeks where I’ve been close to giving up on a lot of things I’ve put my heart and soul into. 
It always comes back to people, one thing you can’t avoid in this world is people. We meet people everyday, we know people, we talk to people, we LIVE with people!! 

 So trying to make a life without the interference of people or their opinion is very difficult and it’s even harder to not think like them. Yeah yeah I know well don’t follow the crowd right? But that’s ignorance to me, I value people’s opinions and appreciate how they feel and if you’re the type of person to put others before you then continue to do so, because the world would need that one person who can create a sunshine in a storm. 

Steps to staying positive when things aren’t going right:
1. Smile – always always smile

2. Laugh – make your own jokes and laugh who cares!

3. Let go – when you see things aren’t right let it go because chances are it’s not worth stressing yourself over 

4. Slay all day – make sure you check yourself boo boo and be confident 

5. Observe – always be aware of what’s going on around you

6. Set the vibe – listen to that throwback song that makes you feel good 

7. Believe you’re beautiful – cherish that thing that makes you different from everyone else 

8. Help someone out – a good deed of the day really helps

9. Talk that talk – say what you want when you want be open and truthful 

10. Motivation – push yourself to do things you wouldn’t normally do, learn from the mistakes and gain knowledge 
I’m still waiting for the day I feel accomplished in my life but I know it takes a lot of hard work and dedication which is what I’m trying to do but life’s trying me girl and truthfully I want to give up. 

On a more happier note I feel good. I’ve learnt a lot this week. 

And I feel optimistic, it’s okay to have off days just as long as it’s not everyday because I like happy people and you should always be one of them. 
A x 

First day back at work!! 

For my first day back at work I made a cute outfit choice but ofcourse British weather is unpredictable so my cute, yellow and retro summer outfit turned into a dark, plaid grunge outfit. But I’m not complaining as my go to colour is always black. 😂 

I teamed the leather mini skirt with a plaid shirt that had a touch of green & navy. I tied a knot at the front of the shirt to create a cropped version so the mini skirt wasnt covered and styled down. 

Accessories were kept minimal for this outfit using a plain black choker and black side bag. 
Shop my look ||

Summer style outfit 1

Grunge style outfit 2

Hope you have a lovely day where ever you are, comment below your thought on this outfit and follow my blog for more fashion and style ideas 💕💕💕

A x