Back To Slay

Hey babes,

So I’ve been inactive for a while but somehow I seriously got demotivated and lost all sense of who I was and my passion.

It’s so true that a slight knock of confidence can really bring you down, but I’m back now and have lots of new things to share with you 💛

Stay tuned

Love A x



When you let go of things that hurt you, break you, make you weak or trap you it allows your vision and mind to become clearer.
I’ve let go of and learnt so many lesson in the past year that I will never go back to, I changed for the better and to be kind to myself and allow myself to feel free and love freely. 

I used to block out emotion for years not realising it only made me more sensitive and unwelcoming, as I’ve explained in my other blogs I used to be very insecure and not confident within myself which projected negative energy in everything I did or associated myself with. 

I know there’s people out there that are so stubborn and set in their ways it really makes me wonder how much of a genuine person they are? True they could be hurt by deep rooted issues but live and let go. Allow yourself to be loved and give love, be kind to people, don’t act like you’re humble actually be humble and help people, be positive and creative. Make wrong moves and go down dark paths because you will end up in the light but only if you let go of negativity. 

But it’s true that you can’t change your life in one night, you have to learn how to adapt to people around you even change who you hang around with. Close minded people really irritate me it’s like dude why hate from behind your window when you can come outside and enjoy your life. People that choose to make happy people unhappy are horrible and you need to stay away from haters like that. Or brush them away. 

There’s no arguing with a fool, a narcissistic loser or more so somebody who is stubborn so what I’ve learnt is you can’t bring yourself down to help someone who can’t be helped. It’s not your problem! I’m a very nurturing person and probably a big enabler and that’s something I need to work on because you can’t let everybody walk all over you just because “you’re too nice” the world doesn’t understand that language, if there’s places you want to be or need to go straight savage mode is what will get you there but always remain true to yourself! 

I made this post today because currently I’m in bed getting enough sleep before my night shift *sad music* LOL 

But I just wanted to be real with you, or anyone who is going to read this. The sun is poking its way through the blinds now so I probably should get out of bed and make breakfast or brunch. 

The start of the week has been positive for me and that’s a big deal in my world, having to deal with happy days and sad days is a challenge not everybody understands. 

But hope you have a good day. 

Makeup and beauty posts for the weekend so look out for that.

Bye babes, 

A x

The Right Path || Gaining Self Confidence 

Hey babes so, 

When life’s path has two directions with arrows pointing either side it’s very hard to determine which path to take. But which one do you take? Putting yourself in a situation where it seems like it’s the world against little old you, which star do you follow back home? 

I’m currently in a situation where I don’t know which direction to turn, crazy I know 😫 and honestly it’s driving me mad. 
On one hand I’ve been given an opportunity to take which is something I’ve been working so hard for, but on the other hand the path that leads that way is a bumpy road so what should I do?! 

I’m usually a confident person but I’m insecure at the same time, if that makes sense. So this makes it really hard for me to have self confidence or believe I’m good enough. A lot of people have contributed to this feeling, the feeling of not being good enough for something or someone and it’s harder each time to break out of that habit of doubting yourself. It’s an unavoidable situation because people won’t always have your best interests and they won’t always 100% be there for you. 

Anxiety really is your biggest hater in these situations! Here’s a few tips of how to get rid of this feeling. 

  1. Believe in yourself
  2. Ask a friend for advice
  3. And do what makes you feel confident
  4. Re-evaluate your situation and ask yourself can I do this
  5. Realise that the answer is yes you can
  6. Make a list or plan what your next step is
  7. Don’t listen or associate with negative people
  8. Surround yourself with positivity
  9. Avoid loneliness
  10. Remember who you are 

I know I need to follow my own advice and that’s exactly what I’m going to do! I’m going to fully focus on my future and life goals and slay them all 💛 

Like and comment! 

Let me know what I can do and whether or not I should take the opportunity?

A x

LIFE || Jurassic Kingdom || I saw a T Rex!! Omg.

Hey babes,

So this weekend I went on a lil adventure to see DINOSAURS! Yes I know how cool? Who doesn’t love them! 

The Jurassic Kingdom Tour was in Manchester, I purchased my tickets for them a month in advance and I have been counting down the days literally! 

Saturday was the day! 

At the entrance they had a giant sign that looked very fitting with the theme of this little tour.

When I first walked in through the gate I saw some baby dinosaurs and a little play area and was almost certain this was it! 

But then walking further down through the park we (me and my dad) handed in our tickets and went through to the “tour”.

The park has been kitted out to look like a scene out of the movie “Jurassic Park” which I wasn’t complaining about as it made it more real! I was probs the biggest kid there as every adult had children and there was little me manoeuvring through pushchairs and kids to get the dinosaurs.

The animatronics used were really good, they moved and the made sound. I was worried that the quality of them wouldn’t be great but they were or must have been very life like. 

My favourite dinosaur is the Tyrannosaurus Rex and I got to meet one! 


It was literally like a movie! I had so much fun whilst there! They had little snacks like donuts, crepes etc 

They had street food of all types, a play area and education tent where a information video was playing.

It was a great day out! Be sure to check them out online or on facebook to check when they will come to your city! 

Stay beautiful, A x 

Happy Saturday || Turn weakness into strength. 

Negativity strikes us only when we are at our weakest, that should tell you something. 

Becoming weak is incredibly different to having a weakness, because a weakness is something you fall back on, keep going towards or purposely go back to, a weakness is a choice. However becoming weak is almost like a setting you can’t switch off. 

We have this glitch in our system from time to time but this doesn’t mean we can’t fix it or be fixed, just like any engineering it takes time and careful handy work to get things up and running again. 

I treat my mind this way too, there are tons of things that take me to that “glitch” but they are my weakness, almost certain to cause that inference in my journey, it’s my choice to let it become more than my goals or my aspirations sometimes I forget the whole saying of “never move backwards” but it’s hard, truthfully I’m not going to lie because I’m a real ass bish. 

It’s so hard to not move backwards! It’s like trying a new candy for the first time, you help yourself to as many as you like because simply you like them, but then they start to run out, the box is almost empty so you savour every last one but don’t think to stop, and then suddenly they’re gone. 

And you wish you had taken it slower, appreciated that you were content with the full box knowing they would last a long time but instead you became hasty and irrational. You made it your weakness.

The repition is exhausting in fact it’s painful, trying to break a habit is hard. Once you get comfortable with enabling yourself it becomes almost impossible!

The weakness or the “glitch mode” can come in many forms it could be a tv show, an ex, a food! Lol literally anything but the most important thing is to differentiate between a harmless weakness and a self destructive one. 

I know chocolate is one of my weaknesses 😬😭 is it self destructive? Probs not, but boy it does not help my skin when I’m trying to be all flawless or waheva but it taste damn good. 

A few steps to break away from the glitch.

  1. Limit visual/ physical contact 
  2. Avoid run in’s “if it applies to a person”
  3. Learn to substitute with something uplifting and positive 
  4. Distract/ prevent the urges to go back to it
  5. Talk about it with somebody you trust
  6. Reflect! 
  7. Learn to forgive and forget!
  8. Keep your mind active 
  9. Read a good book! 
  10. Ask yourself is it worth it?

In other news how cute are Bey’s babies, Sir and Rumi 😍 

Leave a comment and share your weakness! Try to motivate each other 💕

Thankyou so much for reading my blog, don’t miss a post! Leave a comment and sign up! 

Bye babe, A x

VIBE || Planning 

Sooooo I’ve been slacking on the blogging, only because I’ve been thinking of “my next move” realistically.

I feel like I have so much more to share but a busy work schedule pulls me away from what I have a passion for! 

I’ve been finding it hard to remotivate myself to get back into the consistency but I miss writing so much! 

It almost pushes me into the direction of “learning” 

I guess I have a lot to figure out! 

A x

Happy Sunday || How to create sunshine in a storm

So it’s Happy Sunday, but am I happy? Hmm. I’ve had one of those weeks where I’ve been close to giving up on a lot of things I’ve put my heart and soul into. 
It always comes back to people, one thing you can’t avoid in this world is people. We meet people everyday, we know people, we talk to people, we LIVE with people!! 

 So trying to make a life without the interference of people or their opinion is very difficult and it’s even harder to not think like them. Yeah yeah I know well don’t follow the crowd right? But that’s ignorance to me, I value people’s opinions and appreciate how they feel and if you’re the type of person to put others before you then continue to do so, because the world would need that one person who can create a sunshine in a storm. 

Steps to staying positive when things aren’t going right:
1. Smile – always always smile

2. Laugh – make your own jokes and laugh who cares!

3. Let go – when you see things aren’t right let it go because chances are it’s not worth stressing yourself over 

4. Slay all day – make sure you check yourself boo boo and be confident 

5. Observe – always be aware of what’s going on around you

6. Set the vibe – listen to that throwback song that makes you feel good 

7. Believe you’re beautiful – cherish that thing that makes you different from everyone else 

8. Help someone out – a good deed of the day really helps

9. Talk that talk – say what you want when you want be open and truthful 

10. Motivation – push yourself to do things you wouldn’t normally do, learn from the mistakes and gain knowledge 
I’m still waiting for the day I feel accomplished in my life but I know it takes a lot of hard work and dedication which is what I’m trying to do but life’s trying me girl and truthfully I want to give up. 

On a more happier note I feel good. I’ve learnt a lot this week. 

And I feel optimistic, it’s okay to have off days just as long as it’s not everyday because I like happy people and you should always be one of them. 
A x