STYLE || Perfect bag for Summer/Fall!! Affordable HIGH street fashion

I’ve been thinking of buying a designer piece for my accessory stand but to work long hours and then spend crazy amounts of money on one small item literally kills me. 

My three ultimate dream bags!

  1. The Gucci Marmont Matelassé – in black/nude. Up to £650-£700

   2.  The Gucci Sylvie mini chain bag – in white. Up to £1300

      3.   The Stella Mcartney Chain Bag – in light pink or black. Up to £500/£600

These bags are the and I would love to own them one day! But……in the mean time I wanted to buy a bag that included a little bit of all these items. 

I work at a store named New Look! And it is one of the most well known shops for “high street fashion” 

That’s where I found this beautiful thing.

The black chain is what first attracted me to this bag, it also has a suedette texture and the colour is a subtle mauve/pink with a little clip buckle! 

It comes in three different colours! For £12.99 it is honestly the perfect every day bag! For a classy yet casual touch.
Perfect accessory for those weekends out and for some extra glam don’t forget to use my code ‘ANEESAALI10’ for discount at TLashes! On instagram @t_lashes_ or shop at

Stay beautiful

A x


STYLE || Nail Day Baby. 

Hey babe,

So I’m currently getting my nails done..

And I’m at that awkward moment when your nail tech asks you “how long” and you’re too shook to know how long you want them 😂….. yes we’ve all been there.

I don’t know what colour I’m going to get yet, I recently bought these cute shades from New Look. 





I usually go for a cute pink shade as I love being Barbie! But I want to go for something different.

The reason for this glam is that I’m going out with one of ma girlsssss for shopping and dinner! I needed a little pampering so stay posted for what colour I got! 

A x 

First day back at work!! 

For my first day back at work I made a cute outfit choice but ofcourse British weather is unpredictable so my cute, yellow and retro summer outfit turned into a dark, plaid grunge outfit. But I’m not complaining as my go to colour is always black. 😂 

I teamed the leather mini skirt with a plaid shirt that had a touch of green & navy. I tied a knot at the front of the shirt to create a cropped version so the mini skirt wasnt covered and styled down. 

Accessories were kept minimal for this outfit using a plain black choker and black side bag. 
Shop my look ||

Summer style outfit 1

Grunge style outfit 2

Hope you have a lovely day where ever you are, comment below your thought on this outfit and follow my blog for more fashion and style ideas 💕💕💕

A x