KYLIE Jenner Birthday Collection 2017

Everyone who knows me know I love Kylie Jenner! 

But guys have you seen her new birthday collection? Omg it’s to die for 😍 it’s literally giving me life right now!

The whole collection is a nice candy pink with pink glitter everywhere. It has a barbie type vibe to it and will most certainly add a girly touch to your vanity. 

The collection includes: 

  • A brush set
  • A makeup bag
  • A new lip kit 
  • ‘I want it all’ eyeshadow palette
  • Two ultra glows
  • Two mini lipstick kits
  • A bedazzled limited edition lipstick 
  • A new lipgloss 
  • And also a new palette called the birthday book

The price will probably be over 50$ for all this product! And knowing what Kylies website is like, if you have ordered with them before. It will most deffo sell out within and hour! 

It launches on August 1st. 

I’m going to try to get my hands on it! Because it’s all I’ve been thinking about makeup wise! 

Just look at those shades and tell me you’re not in love? 

A x 


JustSmile UK || Teeth Whitening with Activated Charcoal 

Hey babes,

So so so so so JustSmile UK if you haven’t heard of it you gonna learn today boo boo. Many of us go through the ups and downs of not having perfect pearly white teeth just as I do, sometimes they’re good and sometimes they’re not. 

Now I’ve tried many products claiming to whiten teeth in just one use but all fail. 

So naturally when JustSmileUK contacted me I was excited! And let me tell you this amazing product will change your teeth game and help you get those pearly whites.

The product is very good value for money! It’s retailed at around £12.99 for which you get 30g of product In a black tub that looks very fancy on my shelf, you also get a cute lil bamboo brush as an add on to your sale for free!!! 

It’s really simple to use! You simply wet your toothbrush and dip it into the product and brush away. The texture of the powder is a weird feeling at first but it shortly after liquidises. Use your usual toothpaste to brush away any residue and see your teeth looking brighter and feel so much smoother!

And JustSmileUK were nice enough to give me a code for all you lovely people to cop your own little tub of happiness! 

Use the code ‘ANEESA10’ for discount off your purchases/s


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Tag me in or let me know if you purchase yours! Happy shopping you guys 😁😁

A x