PERIOD! #LikeaGirl

So before I start off this blog post let me just start by saying this is in no way shape or form directed at any-one-person-being. This is simply me expressing my feelings and thoughts on this subject and for anyone reading just to give you an insight on how I feel from a woman’s perspective.

Here goes.. so as many of you may know (if you didn’t) you do now.. there’s been a recent hot topic around women’s feminine products and the LGBTQ community. It started off when “Always” which is a brand owned by P&G decided to make their feminine hygiene products more inclusive for all trans/non-binary people.

A lot of people didn’t mind, some people were angry, a few were supportive and others were confused.

Although the trans/non-binary people make a good point of why they felt they deserved inclusivity on a self proclaimed “feminine product” and it is totally understandable from a mental and physical point of view let me share with you a few points as to why it is not okay for me.

It’s one thing trying to morph yourself into something you believe you are but it is quite another trying to morph a whole brand into buying your shit! Being a woman is more than just bleeding once a month, and I’m sure most trans-men agree as their argument is they can’t truly be themselves because they menstruate. Take a read of this and let talk!

So .. I’m trying to find the words to put together what I’m thinking but the truth is I’m raging. So for this person menstruation will be a reminder of how their body will never be the way they want it to be, maybe because your DNA will always remain female no matter what you cut off your body. Just how a trans-woman will always genetically be male no matter how much makeup they wear, genetic makeup stays the same.

This might be a hard pill to swallow but it’s the truth so face it. There’s ways to create inclusivity without be discriminative to everyone else the same way you didn’t ask to have a period or be female, actual females didn’t get asked if our feminine products can be inclusive.

I am a fan of always and considered them the best brand of sanitary towels I’ve used but feel hurt that they would think this is acceptable because their number one priority has always been to empower women, and promote these “feminine” products so are we to assume soon there won’t be lovely flowers or pink tones on the packaging now because it’s offensive to people who don’t like pink? Or that they will now be referred to as “people products”

Well guess what I am not a people, I am a woman. I love my pink/floral packaged pads and I did not choose to have my feminine hygiene product cater for everyone because they aren’t for everyone.

A period is such a sacred and private time in a young girls life as well as adults, now imagine being a young teen again trying to figure out all these bodily changes but also having to pick the inclusive pads so you aren’t offending people with your period! If you don’t choose to be a woman then that’s on you but do not make me feel like I need my private time publicly inclusive because it’s inconvenient for you!

I in-fact love my period with all its negatives and annoying things it’s remind me my body is functioning as it should! And how I want it to and I love being a part of this little period club (not an actual club) us girls always have! Where we can talk about experiences so openly no matter how gruesome lol! And I feel like this has been taken away now because if the pad has become inclusive and a period is for everybody then it’s not something special anymore, it’s not my superpower anymore.

By making everything inclusive it’s slowly erasing everything natural to a woman but also enabling these people to behave in ways they choose and we just have to accept it?

So If you don’t identify as female then why not be innovative and create your own gender neutral pad, gender neutral panties and rename “menstruation” to “bloodstruation” since it has the word men in it so maybe it’s not the pads at all maybe the period isn’t inclusive? So what next? A complaint email to God?

I’ve wanted to sound off on this topic for a while now and honestly this is my opinion and will always remain the same. Until you can figure out what you are without labelling yourself as an unidentifiable being, don’t try to make yourself feel better by gaining momentum and purpose by neutralising human nature, and eradicating the right to a woman’s feminine product to remain for women!

A period is a period, a woman is a woman.

Weight of the world..

So you know the saying, it gets like that sometimes? Often it really does be like that 🙄 and more time when you feel like it’s ALWAYS like that it’s something I call “weight of the world”..

Now you’ve deffo heard of that saying before but I truly believe it’s a reality. That sometimes, some things, somewhere can create a bigger problem than needed or intended. It’s like a domino effect almost, one thing leads to another and this great snowball of added tensions doesn’t help.

In my case I find it hard when people try to understand me and don’t. Often we don’t understand what vibe we give to another as all people interpret things their own way, but one thing I do know is that if your intentions are pure than this “weight of the world” won’t feel as heavy.

Take me for example atm I’m sat on my bed after a whole day of cleaning and getting over my mid-mid life crisis and I’m feeling pretty shit but will it last forever? Hopefully not 🙄 .. for sure it won’t lol

But my point is for myself and for anyone else that ever will read this blog that when you feel like the world is against the energy you’re trying to put out sometimes it’s not always a bad thing, it just means that people need more time to be able to accept this energy into their realm, and when it’s out there in the universe for all to share the “weight of the world” won’t be as bad.

Love a x

Fitness Journey 🏋🏼‍♀️

Hi babes,

So for the past 5 months I’ve been on an intense health kick and fitness buzz!

I’ve swapped candy for carrots and walkers for water 🤭 .. it was a gruelling start to what is now a normality and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

Believe it or not I’ve always been very into fitness whilst not having the body to show it but that doesn’t mean that I didn’t have the drive or passion for all things healthy. Truth is whilst dealing with anxiety and depression it’s common to either over indulge or deprive yourself from eating.

In my case probably more so in the past year it was due to anxiety and just not being in a good place in life I felt I was at my heaviest and started to get really down about it.

Although I was perfectly fine before I felt for me to be comfortable in my own body again I needed to make a change and so I did. I literally woke up one morning and joined the gym and have since become obsessed!

What works for me ofc might not work for everyone as each body is different and if you are going to embark on a fitness journey DO your research before dieting or exercising, any sudden changes to your routine can throw your hormones off balance and cause stress to your body if you rush into it. (Coming from a female perspective)

Start off with a plan and mini goal, work off that small goal and smash it to prove to yourself you will hit all major milestones! Gradually introduce different foods into your diet and substitute the unhealthy options. Then start off with a comfortable practice at the gym layering routines into simple cardio have fun with it and change it up every time.

The key is to start off slow and pick up pace when you get used to it! This worked for me and is still something I’m working on.. Layering workouts makes you test your limit as well so you know what works and how it changes your body.

Well that was a quick insight into my fitness journey, I’ll be making another post soon on comfortable gymwear x

Skincare Monday

Hey babes,

Today’s blog post is about skincare.

First things first I love a good face mask! It’s so refreshing for your face, it’s relaxing and who doesn’t love a good pamper?

I’ve probably tried out almost everything in the name, shape and form of face mask even created my own.

My most favoured type is a sheet mask! I love the fact you don’t have to get messy with it, and there is no access product to worry about and you slap it right on 🙋🏻

Products I want to try for skin pampering:

  • Simple Hydrating sheet mask
  • Primark Twilight mask
  • Primark hydrating cream mask
  • Biovene Black peel off mask
  • Clinique ID moisturiser

So with the Clinique I’ve been using it for a while now and it’s so so good! Honestly changed the way my skin feels and looks! I used to be a girl that wore a lot of makeup and concealer but I can proudly say that I now do not wear foundation at all and haven’t been for the past month! All thanks to good skincare routines.

The sheet mask I use at least once every two weeks after any hair removal or exfoliation so that my skin has some hydration and soaks up all that soft goodness 😍

A cream mask I tend to use when I just want some tlc for my face it’s a quick and easy fix for soft skin and it feels great!

The black peel off mask I use every week! For them annoying cloggy pores due to makeup!

I want to try microdermabrasion but I haven’t got enough knowledge about it lately I’ve been favouring a more natural glory base when I do my makeup and opt for a gloss instead of lipstick.

Love sharing these tips with you guys give me a like or follow 💛

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Love a x

January Makeup Haul with MakeupRevolution 💛

Hey babes,

So incase any of you didn’t know I have started a MAKEUP account on Instagram @Glambynsa_ (now you know) 😉 make sure you’re following that if you’re from the GreaterManchester area.

Now that’s out of the way let’s get started..

I’m always on the search for affordable makeup, that’s great quality for a great price. Makeup Revolution in recent times have really upped their game when it comes to their product range and we stan for a self motivating company 🙋🏻 and did I mention all their makeup is Vegan and cruelty free? YASS

This ultimate essentials kit is any makeup artists dream! The kit contains:

  • 1 Reloaded Eyeshadow Palette
  • 1 Brow Palette
  • 1 Contour Palette
  • 1 Lip Palette
  • 1 Duo Baked Highlighter
  • 1 Eye Primer
  • 1 Flat Detail Brush
  • 1 Angled Contour Brush
  • 1 Fluffy Blending Brush

I was super happy with this kit because not only does it cover the basics the brushes gave it that extra wow! You can never be too stocked up on brushes 💛

I can’t wait to create some looks using the product from this range 😍 Thankyou MakeupRevolution for creating this amazing Kit 💁🏻🎊

Love A x

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Makeup account @Glambynsa_


Why is life so hard and trying sometimes?

It literally feels like at times you’re all alone in the world just wanting someone to hear you but everybody is busy in their own lane they fail to realise you’re stood right there!

We all want to go places in life some of our goals are over with some aren’t, we all want to be happy which is the main goal of course.

I want to do better for myself, I want to try at something and succeed, I want to be able to take pride in something I created but sometimes life and all it’s challenges take over.

I’m capable of so much, I’m such a talented individual yet I lack so much confidence 😔 Do you feel this way to?

A x

Back To Slay

Hey babes,

So I’ve been inactive for a while but somehow I seriously got demotivated and lost all sense of who I was and my passion.

It’s so true that a slight knock of confidence can really bring you down, but I’m back now and have lots of new things to share with you 💛

Stay tuned

Love A x